My Platform

“Let’s keep what’s good, improve and strengthen what’s needed, and find ways to best utilize our tax dollars for every student.”


Educating our Students To Be Well Rounded and Employablesenior-proj-2-500px

As your School Board Trustee, I will ensure curriculum, apprenticeship and afterschool programs are available that will engage students in creative and scientific activities in science, technology, engineering, music/art and math.

Four years ago, Evelyn founded Inspire Learning Institute. She has provided Saturday workshops, Afterschool and Summer Camp programs for youth in underserved and underprivileged communities—giving them access and exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. She hopes that through these programs, she will make a difference in leveling the playing field. 


Putting the lens on Transparency for bond controlschool-construction-1

As your Trustee, I will commit to adopting best practices and models of transparency and equity for better fiscal management and bond control. I support the need for a local school bond to address the long-term infrastructure needs, technology and safety upgrades. I have been hearing the community’s concerns of a lack of transparency and equity on the bond projects. I am committed to engaging the Oversight Committee for real oversight to occur.

As a former Engineer and Project Manager, it has been Evelyn’s business model to keep all stakeholders informed with data in various forms of reporting. As President of the Citizens Oversight Committee, she has been advocating for business practices to ensure transparency and public engagement.



Narrowing the Equity Gap

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In order for students to develop skills and close the achievement gap, as a board trustee, I will work to promote equality across all schools and students by ensuring LCFF (Local Control Funding Formula) will reflect equity in assigning teachers, programs, curriculum and resources. This inequity can be fixed and should be fixed.

As CEO of a non-profit organization Evelyn provided enrichment programs that will, over time, correct the inequity in the socio-economic realm.  As a parent, I treated all my children equally. We cannot leave one school behind.  We are morally obliged to bring equity to the underperforming school and students.




Keeping our Teachers in the Classroomw-college-students-1

As your School Board Trustee, I will commit to mitigate teacher turnover problems by prioritizing the development of year-round teacher recruitment and retaining program as well as improvement in teacher working condition.

Martinez Unified School District has undergone huge turnover of teachers, administrators, and other school personnel as we are faced with a nationwide Teacher shortage.  Evelyn taught Math and Chemistry. She is aware of the many challenges to being a teacher, like stress of the work load and other environmental factors.

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