Hello. I’m Evelyn Centeno, a parent, an educator, a community volunteer, founder of Inspire Learning Institute, and President of the Citizens Oversight Committee. I am running to represent you in the Martinez Unified School Board. We are at a critical juncture. First, many of our schools are more than fifty years old and in need of repairs and upgrades; a big task that should be handled with the lens of effective fiscal and bond oversight. Second, studies and surveys point out that our students graduate from high school unprepared for employment and college; that we have to provide them with the tools and environment to develop into well-rounded, college and employment ready people. Third, we have seen large turnover of teachers and counselors. We see a shortage of these professionals who our students need to support and guide them through the learning process.

I advocate fiscal responsibility and effective bond oversight on school construction projects. As a former Engineering Consultant and project manager, I will work to maximize bond revenues, continually revisit the master plan and ensure it details various choices and costs, detailed reports on school conditions, community growth, revenues, pros and cons weighed and debated. Utilizing best practices leads to BETTER BOND CONTROL!

Studies show that the country is not producing great numbers of STEM graduates from colleges and universities. Martinez Unified School District is tasked with preparing our students for the workforce that is driven by science, technology, engineering, art and math. As a STEM–science, technology, engineering and math—professional, I took on the mission to expose students to STEM. I founded a nonprofit organization to give children, especially those who would not normally experience STEM programs, access to workshops, afterschool and summer camp programs. I put children first. I raised three wonderful children who are well rounded, responsible adults. I know what it takes to raise children to be successful. I will work to help prepare our students to be college ready or be employable after high school. OUR KIDS FIRST!

As a former teacher, I know the value of professional development. Not to be understated, it gives teachers the skills to be the best they can be as teachers. I believe that teacher working conditions are children learning conditions; I will work to ensure that our District has good working conditions, benefits and professional development support. Valuing and respecting our teachers and staff are an important part in the business of education. OUR KIDS FIRST!

As your school board trustee, I will put OUR KIDS FIRST by:

  • Promoting a culture of equity across all schools and students; Prioritizing the needs of teachers working conditions and benefits; Adopting a 21st century curriculum that will be a balance of math, science, history and art.
  • Being fiscally responsible by maximizing bond revenues, avoiding waste and redundancy not only in school construction projects but also in the administration of the district’s function as an educational institution.

It takes a village in raising our children, together we can make it happen!

I will be honored to have your vote on November 8, 2016.


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